What is a ZaHub campaign?

A ZaHub campaign is a sequence of monthly postcards sent to potential customers who’ve just moved into your shop’s area. Simply choose your target market by selecting a radius, and then add in age and income ranges to get even more granular.

How much does a ZaHub account cost?

Nothing! You pay for the postcards, that’s it. And yes, the price of a postcard includes postage.

How much does a postcard cost?

$0.99 each. That’s it – send as many or as few as you want.

How am I charged for a campaign?

After you set up your first campaign, our system will automatically calculate the number of new residents in your defined radius. Each month you’ll be charged for the total number of recipients, multiplied by $.99 (our flat rate) – unless you set a campaign spend cap. Then, you’ll only be charged for the cap you set. You’re only ever charged for the mailers you actually send. Nothing more, nothing less.

Can I run a campaign with multiple locations?

Absolutely! You can run as many campaigns – at one time – as you need.

I already have a postcard design – can I use that instead?

No problem. Just message us in the chat box and we’ll upload it for you! We’ll notify you once it’s done.

When does my campaign mail?

Campaigns mail every month – the exact date is determined by the start date you choose.

What’s a ‘new mover’ or ‘new resident’?

A ‘new mover’ or ‘new resident’ is someone who has just moved into your market area! They’re a brand new resident that needs a new go-to pizza shop like yours.

This is a lot… can I talk to a real person?

ZaHub is self-serve, but we’re still here to help. Simply reach out to us via the contact us form or through the chat box now – or at any time throughout the campaign creation process.

You can also call us at 610-550-3259.