Follow These to Get High ROI

Direct mail is just as relevant now, if not more, than it was in the pre-digital era. Today’s most successful modern direct mailers go beyond eye-catching creative and quick and timely execution. They succeed because of quality data, digital touches and personalization that leads to interest and results.

Use these 10 direct mail tips, and avoid sending generic mailers that give recipients no reason to acknowledge or act.

Design and Copy: Creative that Captures Attention

1. Get Creative with Colors, Fonts, Shapes, and Photos: There are many possibilities and trends to achieve strong visual presentation: bold colors, eye-catching and surprising photos, unique design elements – you name it. The more the piece piques curiosity, the more likely recipients are to pay attention to it. But, while unique and noticeable elements can do the trick, make sure you stay on-brand (at least in most ways) and that you establish an accurate look and feel for your shop that represents it well. Sure, use an image that surprises or sets you apart, but make sure you include a logo, contact info, and the basics of your shop to ensure people know where it’s coming from.

2. Compel the Customer to Flip the Mailer: Make flipping over your mailer and/or giving it a second glance irresistible. Tease the offer, and also consider including copy that signals something of value on the other side. For example, terms like “flip for a special offer” or “turn over to see your discount” can produce higher read-times and response rates.

3. Include a Strong Offer: Speaking of offers – promoting a discount or offering a coupon that entices recipients can help them connect with your brand and cause them to make the next step and buy. Maybe provide the opportunity to obtain a free sample or taste, a discounted product, an invitation to a shop event, or to join a rewards program. Remember, a direct mail piece alone may not be sufficient to sell your product or service…but if you can sell an offer, you’re a big step closer to winning a customer over.

Data: Engage the Right Audience at the Right Time

4. Segment and Target: Analyze your data to identify a niche segment among overarching demographics, or work with a company (like ZaHub) that does. For example, break down your list into something smaller, like recent relocation (aka – new movers), and segment further by household income, age range, and so on. Then, hone your message and imagery accordingly to be relevant to that audience.

5. Personalize: Create a more authentic connection with potential shop customers by incorporating personalization into your postcards. Use your data to add in names, locations, and other specifics that will mean something to your recipients. Personalization matters, and it works.

6. Use Quality Data and Direct Mail Lists: The degree of success among data lists varies widely. Whether you purchase lists or work with a company that has or provides them, clean, accurate lists and good data is essential to direct mail success.

Technology and Digital: Streamline and Track Efforts

7. Use Variable Data Printing (VDP) to Produce Highly Personalized Pieces: Like we said before, personalization is important – because it works. If you’re going to create data-driven, personalized pieces, you’ll need a printer with VDP capabilities. With VDP, artwork and text can link to predetermined data points so you can tailor the printed piece to an individual potential customer.

8. Incorporate Landing Pages and Website Links: Landing pages or more generally, website links, are great tools to increase direct mail campaign success. Amp up your campaign with a landing page that provides tracking, so that you can keep track of responses and better understand if your direct mailer(s) are providing new customers.

Go Multichannel: Amplify Reach and Impact

9. Carefully Select Additional Channels: Direct mail can be an isolated effort, but with an additional channel, for example, digital advertising, you can reach even more customers or meet the same customers again, this time on their device in addition to in their mailbox. There are several other channels you can supplement your direct mail with as well – so it’s good to research and determine the channels that will be most cost effective and deliver the highest ROI.

10. Incorporate Additional Touch Points: Although direct mail can often work after just one mailed postcard to a recipient, it can sometimes take more than 10 touches for your message to break through and inspire action and engagement. Use your direct mailer to encourage social media interaction or to drive recipients online to a website or menu.

Considering Direct Mail?

ZaHub specializes in quick, easy, and effective direct mail marketing that can deliver high ROI for your pizza shop. You won’t need to worry about great creative, effective data, valuable tracking, and additional touch points. We have it all covered. Give us a call or visit our website, here.