Take Your QR Codes to the Next Level

At ZaHub, we spend a lot of time thinking about the landscape of marketing – what the future holds and how we can be early adapters today. Over the last few years especially, there’s one trend that has quickly made its way to the top: QR codes. In fact, in the USA alone, an estimated 11 million households scanned a QR code in 2020 (Statista). Due to the pandemic and the rise of smartphone technology, this once forgotten tool is now everywhere, from menus to TV screens. We’ve seen the QR code become incredibly popular as a tool for engagement in marketing campaigns. With that in mind, we’re giving you 10 unique ways to use QR codes in your next direct mail campaign to increase engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty.

1. Direct Customers to a Landing Page or Website

Everyone uses their phone, which is why QR codes have become such a household name. You can include a QR code wherever you’d like on your postcard, and it’ll direct your customers right to your website or another web page. When it comes to targeting new movers, this is a great starting point. It gives them the chance to browse through your menu, hours, customer reviews, and catering page, and gets them intrigued and interested to learn more about your shop without bombarding them with too much information all at once.

2. Give Customers an Easy Way to Contact You

Another great usage for QR codes? A quick and easy path to your phone number or shop’s address. People like when information’s quick and easy to get to – especially contact information. An eye-catching postcard explaining who you are, with a QR code right there in the corner that takes them right to your shop’s contact information, is the perfect way to grab their attention. After all, 46.81% of respondents of a recent survey agreed that QR codes make life easier in a touchless world.

3. Make it Easy for Consumers to Send You an Email

Emails will forever be an excellent tool of communication. What better way to share your email than through a QR code? “Want to get in touch about a catering event? Email us the details here.” Insert a QR code, and it takes your customer right to an email draft that’s ready to be sent within minutes.

4. Give Quick Access to an App Download

This is your opportunity to mention any type of online ordering app you offer. Using a QR code is the most convenient way to get this message across, and can put you above competitors. Like we said, people like when information’s quick and easy to get to – and if you supply a link to, let’s say, Grubhub, Doordash, or Uber Eats, it’ll likely make your customers want to come back because you offered an easy and convenient service.

5. Let Consumers Easily View Your Business Hours

Business hours. The holy grail of searches. This may be (especially due to COVID) the most searched and requested information of today. Including a QR code on your postcard or menu will let your customers know about your hours, and make them aware of holiday closings, COVID restrictions, private parties, and other information all in one, convenient place.

6. Give Customers Access to Your Other Shop Locations

It’s important to always include your location on any type of direct mail you send out – whether it’s to new or returning customers. With ZaHub, you can customize your direct mail to include your immediate shop location and any others you may have.

7. Entice Customers to Follow Your Social Media Pages

In this day and age, this is an important one. Customers not only use social media pages to get information and get in touch, but also to browse your brand and see what’s happening at your shop each week. They can see current and new menu items, upcoming events, discounts, your shop’s culture, and more. Adding a QR code with a social platform can truly help attract new customers and keep regulars coming back for more.

8. Provide a Coupon

QR codes are a great way to share deals and discounts with new movers or regulars. Try linking the code to a newsletter sign up or contest. This gets your customers involved and shows them that it can be beneficial for them to always check out your QR codes for new perks. Using forms like this can also help you gather important and useful customer information. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2022, about 5.3 billion coupon codes will be redeemed via QR Codes.

9. Share Content About Your Shop

If you haven’t noticed yet, QR codes can be used for any type of link you’d like. Instead of writing up your shop’s story on a postcard or menu, link it to a QR code. This allows customers to read it at their convenience. And, just so you know, QR codes can link out to as much as 4,000 characters of text!

10. Offer Customers a Loyalty Program Sign Up

If you want to get more people involved and loving your shop, your answer is loyalty programs. 87% of shoppers reported that they prefer brands to have loyalty programs and 46% said that they increased business to a company solely because of loyalty reward offers. Loyalty programs are a key player in customer retention, so try using a QR code to help customers access an easy and quick loyalty program form. Plus, after initial signup, you can incorporate a QR code scan for every time the member places a new order (an easy way to keep track of their points and upcoming rewards). Click here to learn more about using QR codes for loyalty programs.

Direct mail is such a strong and widely used tool, but integrating QR codes can take your shop’s direct marketing to the next level. QR codes help condense content, making it placeable on any of your direct mail pieces without taking up a ton of space. And, as we become an increasingly digital-focused society, QR codes are bound to become more and more relevant – so don’t fall behind!

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