& Why They Worked Well

When it comes to print marketing – whether it’s direct mail, billboards, posters, or pamphlets – the goal is to grab the attention of prospective customers, and quickly. Print could be the first (and most powerful) marketing collateral that your audience sees, so it’s important it not only includes great design, but is carefully tailored to resonate with your audience. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting 5 examples of great pizza print marketing to show you how it’s done, and done well, within the industry.

1. Domino’s Appeals to a Specific Fan Base

What better way to catch the eyes of a specific group than to literally put their interest into an ad? Dominos did just that during soccer season. Instead of simply advertising their offering, they visually showcased soccer with pizza, as shown below. They chose to target a very specific group of customers instead of a broader one to get the most bang for their marketing buck.

Doing so emphasized that “Domino’s isn’t just something to eat, it’s a part of everyday life. Hence the description saying ‘Domino’s Everything.’” This simple and to the point ad, with a focused visual, made its mark because it’s not always about targeting the most people, but the right people.

2. Donatos Uses Unique Brand Association

How to get your name out their if it’s not well known? Associate it with another recognizable brand. Donatos collaborated with a popular news station to create an eye catching and thought provoking design, as seen below. This billboard ad stands out because of its 3D appearance, and the point they want to get across – the extreme cheesiness of their pizza, is easy to spot even during a quick highway drive-by. Loyal customers that believe in one brand will likely trust their recommendations, so a creative collaboration is a great way to use print marketing to get your name out there.

3. Pizza Hut Stands Out With Creative Visuals

Sometimes it doesn’t take all the bells and whistles to make a great ad. Simplicity can go a long way, and Pizza Hut clearly knows that. In their magazine ad below, Pizza Hut used just 2 words and 1 image to stop readers in their tracks. The vivid red (known to increase the viewers sense of appetite) immediately grabs the viewer’s attention, and the clever graphic gives the reader something unique to remember. In a time where delivery is in high demand, Pizza Hut let its audience know they deliver fast and fresh pizza, with this simple, eye catching visual.

4. Bovino’s Pizzeria Cleverly Creates an Interactive Piece

Whoever said postcards are just marketing on paper is clearly mistaken – because postcards are much more than loose leaf. How do you make these pieces shine? Interactivity. Bovino’s used this tactic to create energy and excitement in their marketing, including a scratch off to win “free pizza for a year!”.