To Reach New Residents in Your Area

It’s no secret that new movers provide great opportunity. At any time, one in five households in a given neighborhood are new residents to the area. They’ve left behind the comfort and efficiency of their old residencies and routines, and are now facing (literal) uncharted territory. They’re looking to identify and test out new local services (like your pizza shop), and to start building a new network of resources.

In this blog, we’ll outline tactics that you can use to capture their attention from day one and ultimately turn these new movers into new customers.

8 New Mover Marketing Tips & Tricks

1. Start at the Beginning

Identify clearly, or revisit and validate, your marketing objectives and strategy. Refine your message as needed, and connect audience, message and components to your agenda.

2. Target your Target

New movers come in all shapes and sizes, so spend the time and money up front to identify the correct audience for your shop. For example, if you’ve branded yourself as a budget-friendly, family-oriented shop, you’ll want to focus your time marketing to new residents with children under 18 and a household income of under $100,000, rather than to young singles. The return on investment is worth the extra effort up front to gain several new customers.

3. Target your Data

It can be worthwhile to partner with a direct marketing company that specializes in building the best new mover list for your target audience and strategy. It’s a quality vs. quantity approach; data-driven marketing can pay off exponentially, vs. “shots in the dark” across a less defined audience.

4. Target your Message

Take time to carefully craft a campaign that will resonate with your audience. Your shop could offer a discount “to those who want a break from unpacking boxes”. They’d love a second to stop and take a break, and where better to take that break than at your restaurant? Or, if you’re targeting families, make sure to specifically reference kid-friendly menu options.

5. Be Generous

New movers spend heavily – in fact, statistics suggest that they spend anywhere from two to five times as much than established residents spend over the course of a year. Studies also show that 80% of new residents redeem gift certificates from local vendors, and on average, most consumers purchase two gift cards during the holiday season, followed closely by three gift cards. Give more offers to get more customers, and start a rewards program if it makes sense for your shop.

6. Establish Trust

New movers are going through a lot of changes. They have cut ties with old routines and relationships from a network they leaned on and trusted. Convey compassion and offer stability in an accessible and trustworthy way. Check out some ways in which you can establish this trust here.

7. Stay Top of Mind

You won’t be the only business trying to entice them and make a connection. So, reach out more than once. The median household return on investment for direct mail is 29% – so, keep sending it.

8. Measure and Optimize

Use your data. Not only to select your target new mover audience, but to collect insights from your audiences’ responses to refine future campaigns. For example, if a particular demographic responds best to “Buy One, Get One” offers rather than “Percent Off,” ones, utilize this information to streamline efforts going forward and serve up exactly what they want.

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