Pizza Expo, Here We Come!

At ZaHub, one of our favorite things to do is talk pizza. Networking with pizza shop owners and assisting them with their marketing needs, while talking about pizza, is truly an awesome experience. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’ll be at the 2021 International Pizza Expo & Conference from August 17th-19th, and we hope to see you there.

Wait, A Pizza Expo?

You heard us right, were attending the 37th Annual International Pizza Expo & Conference, located in Las Vegas, Nevada! For those who’ve never heard about the Pizza Expo, it’s the biggest pizza trade show in the entire world, creating a gathering place for the largest independent pizza shops, chain pizzerias, Italian restaurants owners, managers, buyers and decision makers all within the pizza industry. With over 13,000 people expected to attend this yearand a projected 569 pizza and pizza-related vendors (including yours truly) anticipated at the showit’s one of the fastest-growing trade shows in the food service segment.

The Pizza Expo does an excellent job of presenting different opportunities for growth amongst both pizza shops and attendeesWith over 90% of trade show attendees saying theyre searching for new products and technology advancements; the Pizza Expo draws many peoplewith different pizza needs, from all over the world. There will be several different workshops, demos, seminars, and keynote speakers who will talk about their journeys as successful shop owners and how to replicate that success in any shop. Some of the workshops offered are, “How to Launch Your Mobile Pizza Business,” “Proven Ways to Increase Sales & Profits,” and several more on how to internally and externally improve your businessWe’re also looking forward to the wide range of seminars available – from perfecting your pizza with “Pizza Crust Boot Camp, to learning to grow your shop with “What Customers Want in the Pandemic.

The expo creates an incredible platform for pizza shop owners to learn more about advancements within the industry and an amazing opportunity for vendors to connect with shop owners looking to boost their knowledge and grow their network.

What We’re Bringing to the Table 

We’re excited to be a 1st time vendor