ZaHub’s Second Showing!

We had such a great (and successful) time at the 2021 International Pizza Expo & Conference, that we’ve been highly anticipating the 2022 show. We can’t believe it’s right around the corner, from March 22nd-March 24th! At ZaHub, networking with pizza shop owners and seeing where and how we can help them with their marketing needs, while talking about pizza, is our favorite thing to do. If you’re attending the show too, you’ll be able to stop by and see us, if you’d like, at booth 2015! We hope to see you there and look forward to connecting with new and returning shops and companies.

What is the Pizza Expo?

The Annual International Pizza Expo & Conference, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the biggest pizza trade show in the world. It’s known for gathering independent pizza shops, chain pizzerias, Italian restaurants owners, managers, buyers, and decision makers of the industry, all in one place. “It remains unchallenged as the industry’s premier event with a show floor larger than eight (8) football fields and more than 90 seminars, workshops, demonstrations and networking events,” and is one of the fastest-growing trade shows in the food service segment.

Why Attend?

The show presents numerous opportunities for growth – for pizza shops and attendees, alike. Over 90% of trade show attendees say they’re searching for new products and technology advancements (so we’re particularly happy to present and provide new technology to those shops and companies who are in need). The show offers several different workshops, demos, seminars, and keynote speakers – 9 workshops, 13 demos, 41 seminars, 3 keynotes, and 45 speakers this year, to be exact. The show’s a great platform for shop owners to learn more about industry advancements, new techniques, and new trends, and offers chances for vendors to connect with shop owners looking to boost their knowledge and grow their network.

What to Expect from ZaHub

ZaHub’s very excited to return to Vegas this year – and not just for the pizza! We can’t wait to see and reconnect with familiar faces, as well as meet new ones. This time around, we’re bringing a bit more industry and product experience, and a better understanding of who we can help most and who we’d like to partner and work with. We’re looking forward to meeting more of those within the industry who can benefit from capitalizing on new movers in their area with new-age direct mail and digital advertising.

We’re also excited to present advancements we’ve made and new updates to our services. But – don’t be afraid to come up to our booth and ask questions or provide us with ideas. We’re always looking for a better understanding of our customers’ needs, new and innovative concepts, and insightful product feedback.

Also attending the 2022 International Pizza Expo & Conference? We’d be happy to meet you on the fly and give you a quick demo to learn about our platform, but feel free to reach out if you’d like to schedule a meeting or specific time with us. Not attending? No worries. Contact us today if you’re interested in a demo from home.