How Your Shop Can Bring in New Residents in Your Area

New people are steadily moving to your area and looking for a go-to pizzeria. So, how can you ensure you’re reaching them before other pizza shops? The key to capturing their attention, first, is an immediate outreach approach. Contact them quickly, before your competition. Here’s some tip & tricks to gaining the loyalty of these new residents.

Direct Mail: Timely, Targeted, & Action Inspiring

Despite consumer interest in digital, direct mail is still the best method as an initial point of contact for reaching new movers. According to the United States Postal Service, direct mail recipients purchased 28% more items and spent 28% more money than people who didn’t get that direct mail.

  • Timing: It’s everything. Your direct mailer has to reach new residents immediately, or you risk falling to the bottom of the mail pile. Pizza shops can gain an edge by partnering with a direct mail vendor who’s perfected targeted delivery dates.
  • Clean data and list management: Make sure your mailing lists don’t become stale. Select a data vendor that sources from multiple providers and has accurate data.
  • Personalization: Direct mail open rate can reach as high as 90%. Mostly due to personalization. Go beyond just including first names. Use data to include a variable like the shop’s distance from their home.
  • Compelling offers: Include a strong call to action that’s hard for potential customers to resist, and make it easy for them to act on it. To make them feel welcome, special, and valued – present the offer as exclusive to their status as a new resident. If you need inspiration, check out HubSpot’s article on successful direct mail approaches.

Traditional Paired with Digital

To get the most out of your direct mail campaign(s), try tying in digital.

  • Landing pages and PURLs: Directing new residents to menus and personalized offers can help you track their actions, responses, and preferences.
  • Email follow-up: Consumers welcome emails that are relevant and personal. They value good information and offers. Open rates for segmented emails average 32% higher than non-segmented emails. If you use links and PURLs to collect email addresses and information on interests and preferences, you can send targeted offers and information, promote your customer loyalty program (if you have one) and simply stay at the top of their mind.
  • Establish online presence: New residents in your area constantly use internet to research goods and services. Establish a stronger online presence with:
    • Targeted digital ads served up to households on your mailing list
    • SEO practices
    • Close monitoring of reviews and ratings (and quick, thoughtful responses)

ZaHub can help you quickly and consistently reach these new residents with our easy-to-use platform that allows you to create, send and track new-age direct mail with proven ROI. Contact us to get started.