Get the Right Feedback at the Right Time for More Successful Marketing

When’s it time to figure out if your marketing campaign’s working? When it’s over? With a new mover campaign (and really any marketing), it’s of course essential to choose what you believe to be the right audience, a good design, and a quality partner or platform. But, what if you could do even more? Whatever partner or platform you choose, it’s important that you have access to some kind of campaign dashboard that gives you a detailed, up-to-the-minute view of your campaign’s success – so you can course correct as needed, improve cost-effectiveness, and leverage successes as soon as possible.

Feedback – Now.

New residents make decisions quickly. Give your marketing campaign the best chance of being seen, heard, and acted on. A campaign dashboard worthy of your shop’s marketing should give you feedback in real time. Here’s why:

1. Gives You Room for Course Correction

With a dashboard, you can review your marketing campaign in real time – you’ll learn what is and isn’t working or catching the attention of your audience.

After your initial batch of postcards goes out for your campaign, and you’ve run a few different digital ads, your dashboard should show the engagement you receive. This way, for the next batch of mail and next set of ads, there’s an opportunity to reevaluate the design, audience, messaging, imagery – and more. Then, adjust and improve!

2. Let’s You See What’s Working and Do More of That

With knowledge of what’s getting traction from tactics or messaging that you may not have anticipated, you’re able to adjust to focus more attention on that type of messaging. You’ll also be able to narrow down specific tools that are working! Let’s say you expected males between the ages of 45 to 65 to interact with your postcard, but those who are receiving it and scanning the QR code to order are closer to 25-40 – you can adjust your target age range. Or, maybe you targeted a higher income demographic, but you’re seeing the opposite bring postcard coupons into your shop. Because of dashboard reporting, you can adjust your campaign to hone in on the right people.

Details, Please.

A quality campaign dashboard will give you more than an overview: it will show responses by age bracket, gender, income screen, neighborhood, and more.

In addition, you can learn a lot about which aspects of your campaign are working well. For instance, you’ll be able to see if more people are visiting a PURL, accessing a QR code, or bringing in your coupons.

Shoppers these days expect personalized service and relevant communications. To offer this you have to know – as soon as possible, and in as much detail as possible – who’s engaging with your campaign and how. The sooner you get to know your potential shop customers, the sooner you can convert them into loyal, life-long patrons.

ZaHub’s personalized campaign dashboard gives you a clear window into your new mover campaign(s). Contact us to learn more.