Tips & Tricks for Convincing the Crowd

Whether you realize it or not, the success of your direct mail campaign is highly dependent on its design and messaging, and the effectiveness of your design and messaging boils down to whether or not it entices and influences your target customers. While there’s a plethora of different decisions to make when building a good pizza marketing piece, the number one thing to always keep top of mind is persuading your audience. Today, we’re discussing how to make your next postcard persuasive and effective with messaging and design that really pops off the page and gets new and returning customers through your doors.

Know Who You’re Targeting

Before creating any verbiage for your postcard, you first need to correctly identify who the mailer’s going to. Research if you can, or based on who comes into your shop, decide on what age, demographic, and areas you’ll be sending to for the highest ROI (return on investment). This way you can write your messaging to specifically target and persuade – not just generally provide information. Although you won’t convert everyone into a new or returning customer, the process of understanding your audience first will give you a better chance of influencing more of those you send to.

An example? Let’s say that although it’s located in a college town, your shop is popular among families. With this knowledge, you can ensure most of your direct mail content is geared towards families – incorporating family discount coupons and rewards incentives for larger orders. Or, let’s say your shop is the trendy place to go to in this same college town. Add a hashtag to your postcard, include photos of younger buyers, and ensure your social platforms are prominently shown.

Use Enticing Language

No – we don’t mean using cheesy (excuse our pun) sales slogans or overused sayings. We mean creating content that highlights who you are, what you make, and the most unique parts of your shop. It also doesn’t hurt to use time-sensitive terms of urgency, such as:

  • Free
  • Exclusive
  • Guaranteed
  • Limited
  • Best

We can assure you that using better phrasing will not only help you easily create content, but will bring you higher response rates and more excited customers.

Be Bold (Literally)

It’s always important to create structure on your direct mail by using varying font weights to direct the customer’s eyes where you’d like them to go. Easily create emphasis and focus where necessary by enlarging text size and using bold, italic, and more. Fair warning, though, avoid going too crazy with excessive fonts and sizes. Pick these areas of emphasis wisely, whether they’re your shop name, offers, locations, or a phone number, because a page of too many fonts, sizes, and weights can very quickly become crowded and confusing.

Keep it Simple

Like we said above, too much variation in content (as well as too much imagery) can become distracting, confusing, and can decrease readability. Make sure your location, number, and all other forms of contact are easily readable and legible. When in doubt – simpler is better. Make it as easy as possible for customers to see and recognize your brand, obtain valuable information, and scan a QR code or visit a landing page. Your postcard could be very persuasive and eye-catching, but if there’s no actionable areas, or if they’re difficult to find, the persuasion is all for nothing.

Include Clear, Consistent Imagery

How your pizza looks on your direct mail can often be a deciding factor for customers, so it’s critical you pick images that clearly show off the value, variety, and/or the popularity of your pizza. Using high quality stock images or professionally taken images of your food can be the biggest form of mouth-watering persuasion.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to building your own persuasive, effective direct mail marketing – we’ve got your back. We’ll provide you with the right data, platform, tools, and professionally designed direct mail templates to get the job done. Check out our ZaHub platform today or contact us to get started.