5 Ways to Generate Response from Direct Mailers

An effectively designed direct mail postcard can draw in many new and existing customers, and not just be wasted fluff in the mailbox. Create a postcard that’s going to stand out – rather than get tossed out – with these suggestions. (Note: incorporating some of these tips will depend on your goals and budget).

1. Make it Personal

Relevant mail is much more likely to be saved and acted on. While there are a ton of ways to incorporate personalization, here are a few pointers:

  • Personalize with an offer or several coupons for products you know a recipient likes based on purchasing history, or more generally, include an image of a popular product on your menu.
  • Add a name and other personal information where applicable – like an address, area, or another characteristic.
  • Taglines are personal and can change the way the viewer reads your postcard. A good tagline that they can connect with – or that resonates with them in some other way – can be used to grab their attention.

2. Use Copy that Works

The space constraints of a postcard mean you need to choose words wisely. Write with a focus on the action message – what you want recipients to do.

  • Craft an attention-commanding headline to make viewers curious.
  • Include minimal supporting information – just enough to tempt recipients to follow through on the call to action, or take advantage of your offer.
  • Use copywriting “power words” – words that spark interest and action. Check out a list here.
  • Be clear, don’t confuse your readers, and be action-oriented: Tell recipients how to take the next step.

3. Design to Draw the Eye

To have any chance of competing for attention in the mailbox, postcards need good design that also works to support your message and goals.

  • Avoid an overly busy design. Instead, design around a focal point and include images that are worthy and well-crafted.
  • If your postcard needs to feature several items (e.g., weekly sale items or multiple coupon offers), use a grid layout for an organized appearance.

4. Incorporate QR Codes