We Hit the Jackpot!

We truly feel we hit the jackpot when it comes to our choice to attend the International Pizza Expo this year! We had great conversations with so many show-goers, and we got to do one of our favorite things (besides eat pizza) – talk pizza marketing.

Five of our employees attended the world’s largest pizza convention, the International Pizza Expo, from August 17-19th in Las Vegas, Nevada. We enjoyed our stay in Las Vegas – even in the hot temperatures, that as Philly residents, we’re not as used to! The location of our booth (one of the first booths as you walked into the conference hall) made it easy for us to meet as many people as possible and make several new connections, from vendors, to shop owners, to potential partners. It was exciting to see potential customers spin the wheel and receive discounts – from 10% to a free campaign! We’re looking forward to seeing, post-show, how these connections flourish and how we can help pizza shops and others within the industry with their new mover marketing.

The ZaHub format was quite a success, and the show solidified for our team that there’s quite a significant need for our services. Pizza shop owners are not only looking for direct marketing, but direct marketing that will make an impact and target the right people. They want to see (as we expected) high ROI from low-maintenance marketing, which is exactly what ZaHub is built to do.

We tried a wide assortment of samples at the expo – from cheese and sauce to chicken and toppings…and of course, pizza! We also saw that many fresh, healthy, unique, yet delicious ingredients are popping up in the pizza industry – and we love to see it!

Lastly, we want to say thank you to our booth neighbors at Chowly, previous expo exhibitors, who were extremely welcoming and helped us navigate the show as first-timers.

Didn’t get to swing by and meet us at the show? Try out our service, here, or contact us today for a personal demo.