& They Want Your Pizza

Gone are the days where you can say “millennials only want to rent”, because, according to the American Community and American Housing surveys, there are 66 million millennials in the U.S., and they now represent 37 percent of the total national home-buying market. So, what does that mean for you? Several pizza loving, home-owning millennials likely just moved in down the street from you, and are looking for a new shop to grab a slice.

Millenials are Moving in Next Door

It’s not always easy, or top-of-mind, to keep track of who’s moving in and where. It’s constantly changing. Luckily, we’re here to keep you up to date with this quick read.

Millennials are taking over the housing market. They’re the majority of your new neighbors – and it’s essential you grab their attention (before your competing restaurants and shops). You want to be the first shop that approaches them when they start forming new buying habits. How can you do this? Create a new-mover-focused marketing campaign that specifically targets this generation (who, in fact, also love to feel special and heard).

Why Does it Matter?

The new mover market is one of the best markets to target if you’re looking for ROI from simple and effective marketing.

Why? People are constantly moving in, and out, all over the US. 13.8% of Americans (over 40 million people) move every year. Knowing that many of these new residents are millennials presents a huge opportunity for you to capitalize on a niche market.

Who Exactly Are Millennials

Millennials range from age 24 to 35 – making neighborhoods and their homeowners look a little different than they used to. They make up an even bigger share of first-time homebuyers than ever before, and, 82 percent of younger millennial buyers (ages 22-30) and 48 percent of older millennial buyers (31-40) purchased their first homes between July 2019 and July 2020. So, when you’re advertising your shop to bring in new customers, you may want (and need to) change up your approach, whether that be different messaging, design, imagery, or changing to direct and/or digital strategies. Where do you begin? Start by thinking a bit more about who millennials are and their buyer journey to understand how to best reach them. Learn more about understanding the customer journey and how to explore it, here.

Millennials Love Pizza

It’s no doubt that millennials are big pizza eaters. They’ve grown up with the food, and no matter what their eating habits, restrictions, or interests, have it once in a while (at least).

Here are some key reasons why:

It’s quick and easy

Millennials are known for their busy schedules and constant connection with technology, which makes them want instant gratification. When they’re hungry or craving, they’re ordering – and easily.

It’s customizable

Millennial consumers are known for “making it their own.” They love to be co-creators and want to interact with brands and their food – which is the exact model of the fast-casual pizza concept.

It never gets old

Pizza types and their toppings come in a variety of combinations – so the possibilities are really endless in the eyes of millennials. Plus, 89% of millennials choose where they want to eat by what they’re craving, and 40% order something different every time they visit a restaurant.

Its value matches its price

Millennials like anything that’s high quality at a fair price – aka, pizza.

It’s sharable

Millennials love to share what they’re doing, especially with their friends, and put tremendous value on experiences rather than products. So much so that 26% of millennials post photos of the food they’re eating, and food is the second most followed sector on social media, with 48% of millennials following food brands.

Building the Relationship

Once you become familiar with who millennials are, start to build a relationship. Your hope is that you’ll become their go-to pizzeria from the start. How? Personalize their experience. This could be done through a discount code made just for them on their first order, or by simply calling out their name on direct mail. No matter what, make sure you incorporate a good CTA that resonates with them (ZaHub can do all three of these for you).

Whatever you do to grab their attention could be the reason they stay loyal to your shop for years to come. Not to mention, millennials have grown up on technology and revamped the term “word of mouth”. They’re notorious for sharing photos and reviews of food and experiences, so, treat them well and they’ll be your lowest paid marketing team – giving your shop more exposure and new customers. Learn more about why millennials are obsessed with becoming loyal restaurant customers, here.

This generation’s mindset is much different than those of other generations, making past marketing approaches ineffective. Before sending out equally ineffective marketing, make sure you’re understanding their needs, wants, and preferences. Don’t wait and miss out on getting them into your shop. If you’re interested in meeting them before your competition, contact ZaHub today.