Top 3 Marketing Tactics to Keep You Trending

So far this year, there continues to be several new trends within the Pizza Industry, and it can be a bit tiring and time consuming to keep up with all of them. To make your research less overwhelming, we’ve condensed these trends down to a short, practical list. These trends may not all be completely brand new in the marketing scene, but they’re key for building brand equity and helping you create fresh content.

So, What’s Trending?

Branded Videos

It’s no surprise that videos are the preferred method of marketing communication between restaurant and customer. Currently, over 71% of companies are planning to increase their video marketing budget for the upcoming year. On top of that, 64% of consumers make their purchases after watching a branded social media video. With video, not only can your shop reach a consistent group of consumers, but branded videos can help highlight your shop’s brand. These days, customers want the ability to quickly check out your shop even before visiting, so use branded videos to show your customers how your product aligns with what they’ve been searching for.

To create videos for social media platforms, easily edit longer videos down to short-form. These videos typically contain fifteen to thirty seconds of footage highlighting services and products, friendly staff, and any new deals or discounts. They’re easily shareable between users, which can allow for quick customer growth. Short form videos are perfect for Instagram, TikTok, and any social media with a Reel’s feature, but video can also be used on your website or directly in your shop to entice customers. With 90% of web consumers saying that a video helps them make a decision to buy a business’ product or service, it’s crucial to include video in your marketing strategy.

Fully Embracing Digital Ordering

COVID-19 had customers often looking for (and expecting) a complete online space that allowed them to order digitally. This type of ordering system can be accessible through social media, your website, or a postcard with a QR code. Around 63% of consumers agree that delivery’s way more convenient than dining in, and digital ordering and delivery has grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014. If you aren’t already, an easy way to promote this popular way of ordering is via direct mail. Simply direct customers right to a mobile ordering app with a link, PURL, or QR code.

Customers who place an online order with a restaurant will visit that restaurant 67% more frequently than those who don’t, and studies show that visits to U.S. restaurants where guests paid by mobile app increased by 50% from 2017-18. With digital ordering, your customers get the satisfaction and safety of eating from their own home, while you benefit from a smooth system that allows you to efficiently take and prepare orders, so make sure you’re keeping up with this growing trend.

Direct Mail

We’re firm believers in the power of direct mail – and we have the stats to back it. In a recent survey, 83% of people preferred to receive direct mail rather than e-mail, primarily because it’s much more personalized. New personalization features and accessible data allow for an added name, a specialized menu, and favorite items based off of consumer habits. Not only does this meet the customer’s needs, but makes them to feel seen and special. Along with personalization, don’t forget to ensure your direct mail’s design and quality stands out. 76% of people in the US say the quality and graphics of a print marketing material are what captures their attention.

Just as each piece of mail should be personalized, so should your entire campaign. Direct mail campaigns (especially those that are personalized) give high ROI (even higher than paid ads) and increase brand awareness. Plus, direct mail provides the customer with a physical reminder of your shop that they can be hung on their fridge or placed on their counter. Want more information on direct mail? Check out our other blogs on what direct mail can do for your shop’s brand, here.

Why Keep Up With Trends?

While these trends cover a portion of marketing your shop’s brand efficiently (and effectively), it’s important to consistently keep up with trends and to know why you’re doing so. By keeping up, you’re giving your audience a chance to become more immersed in your brand, and building positive brand equity. Staying on trend also helps your shop reach customers it otherwise wouldn’t have with new methods and relevant tactics. It shows your shop is adapting, and wants to give your customers better and easier ways to interact with your shop as they come out. Analyzing new trends allows you to enhance customer experience which increases traffic at your storefront and on your website. So, keep up to stay competitive and flexible.

Looking for ways to integrate effective trends and tactics into your next pizza marketing campaign? Contact us.