Be Prepared with These 5 Key Asks

For any business (especially pizza shops), using direct mail to target current and potential customers has a multitude of benefits, and on most occasions, even more than just digital marketing alone. But, before you begin any direct mail campaign, it’s likely you’ll need to decide on a direct mail marketing partner to help accomplish your goals. When making this decision, it’s crucial to ask potential partners some key questions. For your convenience, we’ve listed these out for you in this short read!

“What are the costs associated with your direct mail services?”

For small businesses and most pizza shop owners, it’s all about getting the most bang for your buck, so first and foremost, it’s always important to ask about pricing. This way, you’ll know exactly what you could be spending, and will be able to compare vendors and potential partners. Many times, pizza shops want straightforward, easy-to-understand marketing that they can at least partially conduct themselves. Not only to save time and effort but to save money on hiring a freelancer or full-time marketing employee or partner. With the right partner company or platform, direct mail can be an extremely cost-effective way to reach current customers while also getting your message and business out there to potential shoppers. Make sure the company or platform you’re considering provides you with a clear budget or a general pricing scheme that fits your needs. The budget should include a breakdown of each service and its respective cost. Another important thing to remember? Make sure your end price quote matches up with the original price quote you received, and if it doesn’t, there should be clear communication as to why it’s different. Marketing doesn’t always have to take a ton of time and money – but on the flip side, make sure you’re not just picking the cheapest partner or platform you find.

“Do you have previous success stories, case studies, data, and experience?”

We think it’s safe to assume that no matter where your shop is, how large it is, or how many you own, you always want to make sure your establishment(s) is/are in the best hands possible. Those who are credible and have your best interest in mind will make it easy for you to understand and monitor the process of your direct mail campaigns – with minimal time taken away from you and those who work at your shop. Be sure to pick a direct mail company that will listen to your needs and has experience with what you want to accomplish. One way to find out if this will be the case? Success stories, case studies, statistics, and communication. While a company can claim they’ve been successful with direct mail campaigns, that alone only goes so far. It’s good to ask for “proof” to see how their previous campaigns have performed. See what other customers were looking for, how the potential partner approached it, and what the outcome was. While a marketing agency could have loads of success, that doesn’t mean they’re advanced in direct mail and/or the pizza industry, so it’s good to get statistics on direct mail- and pizza-specific successes and ROI. You’ll also want them to hand over some statistical numbers so that you can compare and contrast those with other potential partners. And, if available, check out their website, Google reviews, and any other write-ups about their products and services. Remember: you’re trusting this company to execute a successful campaign, and bring your vision to life. It’s important to find a credible partner!

“Will I have access to an account manager for questions and concerns?”

As a pizza shop owner, all this marketing stuff can get overwhelming and easily become a time-suck if not handled effectively. So, it’s important to have a point of contact that’s an account manager or partner employee to turn to when you have questions or problems. You never want to be in the dark about anything related to your direct mail campaign – and if there isn’t access to a primary contact (a real human, not just a chat bot or automated phone voice), it can be frustrating. Once you get your direct mail marketing campaign going, you’re going to want to ask questions about the progress of your campaign and to be able to reach someone quickly if there’s a concern that pops up. Along with access to an account manager or customer rep, it’s equally important to know the contact’s experience, especially with direct mail. Remember, you want to feel like you’re in the best hands possible – and preferably real, human ones that are there to help!

“Do you create the design for me? If not, is the creation or platform easy and user-friendly? Or, do I need a designer?”

With direct mail, there’s always some sort of design on the mailer, even if it’s minimal and simple. The goal is always to catch the attention of current and potential customers. Sometimes, the agency/partner you’ve chosen will have an in-house graphic designer you can collaborate with. They may also have templates available, or you can provide design files. Another option is to reach out to a designer you have contact with.

To avoid any confusion when hiring a direct mail marketing partner or using a direct mail platform, make sure you know the answer to this question. It will give you insight into the amount of work you’ll have to do for the campaign and who else you’ll need to hire and/or pay.

“Will I be able to monitor and understand the campaign’s performance over time?”

Once you’ve hired a company and finally have your direct mailer completed, it’s then time to send them out. Before you choose and begin working with a direct mail company, make sure to ask about data and analytics. Basically, see if you’ll be able to look at how your campaign is performing- and improve upon it over time. If the company has no way of tracking the KPIs of a campaign, you won’t know what worked (or didn’t) for next time. By tracking data as the campaign runs, you’ll be able to course correct if you hit any snags, and hopefully get the campaign back on track. If the campaign is going well, you can see that in real-time, and continue with the tactics that work well.

What’s Next?

Now that you have a list of the best questions to ask before hiring a direct mail marketing partner, you’re equipped to make a prepared decision for your pizza shop. If you decide that ZaHub would make a great partner for you and your shop, and you’re ready to get started on your next direct mail campaign, we’re here to help! Contact us today for pizza marketing, made simple.