That Make a Marketing Impact & Grow ROI

Everyone has a different perception of direct mail. To some, mailers represent an outdated approach from a previous generation of marketing. In our experience, direct mail is one of many channels that can increase marketing impact and ROI. Done correctly, direct mail is a powerful driver for everything marketing – from engagement to acquisition, and can produce strong results for pizza shops.

Direct mail is meant for creating opportunities, educating consumers, and driving business. These simple tactics are proven to increase response rates by up to 75% for your shop.

Multichannel & Multifaceted

It doesn’t take an expert to know that every direct mail campaign is action focused. Whether you’re motivating customers to buy your pizza, call a phone number, or learn something new, your campaign needs to drive a strong response. Utilize multiple channels to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to take action. Just because your method of delivery is mail-based doesn’t mean your response needs to be. Put a physical coupon online for customers, too. By using a physical response card coupled with an electronic one, your campaign could yield as much as 5.5% higher response rates than if you were to use only one mechanism. 72% of consumers state they prefer to connect with brands through multiple channels before making a purchase.

Freebies & Coupons with Purpose

Freebies – we’ve all either used them or thought about using them to entice customers. But here’s the thing: freebies and coupons don’t always equal a better response rate. Sure, it’s human nature to want something for free, but what happens after your target customer receives that free offer? Your campaign has to be goal-oriented, not just response-oriented. Instead of wanting 100 redemptions of a free pizza coupon, you should be aiming for 100 new loyal customers. Let your offer be something useful and something recipients will talk about. In some cases, free samples and coupons can boost sales by as much as 2,000%.

Design that Works

There was a time when an 8.5 x 11 letter inserted into an envelope was the height of direct mail design. But, with the introduction of enhanced printing techniques like UV coating and high-speed postage, this is no longer the case. Mailers can now be designed in a variety of ways. By using multiple folds and creative die-cuts or incorporating QR codes or coupons, you can tell a story, highlight different aspects of your shop, or just get your message across in a way that a letter can’t accomplish. You have tons of design options to make mail that’s much more personal and eye-catching for the consumer. 70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions. Check it out for yourself, the designs are endless.

Put it in Perspective

Once your mailer has dropped, it’s time to perform an analysis. Map out where respondents live and compare them to the entire list. Did a certain area perform better than others? Did the piece perform well with a certain age group? Applying an analysis of your marketing is important to maximize its overall value (and ZaHub can provide you with these analytics). You’ve already committed a percentage of your budget to creating a quality mailer, so see if you’ll want to do it the same way next time, or go back to the drawing board.

High ROI

Remember, direct mail is still the best tool for acquiring customers, so it should always be treated as much more than a piece of paper. It has to be designed, mailed, analyzed, align with your larger marketing strategy, and be a part of your complete marketing tool kit. The tips suggested above aren’t guarantees of success, but they’re tried and true components of direct mailers that offer higher ROI. Examining and being conscious of everything from the response card to the envelope and all that’s in between is what gives you direct mail results.

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