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The Impact of Color on Food Marketing

Whether you realize it or not – color’s a powerful thing. And when it comes to marketing, specifically, color can change everything. It helps potential and current customers make decisions, makes them feel emotions, triggers physical responses, and may even be the reason they spend money. It’s important to know what different colors mean and do before and while creating any marketing piece – from print to digital. That’s why we’re giving you the rundown on color’s impact on general and food marketing, especially when it comes to direct mail.

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How Real-Time Reporting Can Improve Your Campaign(s)

When is it time to measure if your marketing campaign’s working – when it’s over? With a new mover campaign, of course it’s essential to choose what you believe to be the right audience, a great design, and a good partner or platform. But, what if you could do even more? Whatever partner or platform you choose, it’s important that you have access to some kind of campaign dashboard that gives you a detailed, up-to-the-minute view of your campaign’s success – so you can course correct as needed, improve cost effectiveness, and leverage successes as soon as possible.

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Quality Over Quantity

We always, always appreciate conversations with customers. Especially those that make us think more thoroughly about our services. We’re constantly open to changing and evolving to provide the best offerings possible for loyal and new customers alike. Recently, we’ve had quite a few conversations about data, and have realized that it’s important for us to provide some insight into our somewhat unique data philosophy. We’re all about the best data – not always (and not usually) the most data.

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