Consideration Stage

Timing is Everything

As long-time members of the print and direct mail industry through our foundation of Strata Company, we’ve had quite a bit of practice. We’ve seen many things change over the years – from a variety of trends to direct mail enhancements, and we’ve taken advantage of many of these to better our services for our customers. But, one thing that hasn’t really changed? The fact that timing is everything when it comes to direct mail. It can, and normally does, make or break whether or not your potential or current customer will have their interest piqued, get more information about your shop, give you a call, or more importantly, order your pizza. Today, we’re giving you some tips and tricks of the trade – ways you can better time your direct mail to ensure you get the most ROI. Try these out, and you’re bound to see improvements.

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Pizza Marketing that Hits the Spot

High-intent marketing hits the spot for your most interested customers, in a focused, particular way. One where you’re not just tossing pizza pies at a broad target, but aiming at the oven. We’re laying out all you need to know about high intent marketing like a secret sauce on the whole crust, from what it is, to how your shop can capitalize on it.

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