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International Pizza Expo Recap

Our second time at the annual International Pizza Expo & Conference was a success! We had great conversation with so many attendees, vendors, and potential partners, and got to talk lots of new mover marketing and eat a ton of pizza (and various other ingredients and desserts).

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Timing is Everything

As long-time members of the print and direct mail industry through our foundation of Strata Company, we’ve had quite a bit of practice. We’ve seen many things change over the years – from a variety of trends to direct mail enhancements, and we’ve taken advantage of many of these to better our services for our customers. But, one thing that hasn’t really changed? The fact that timing is everything when it comes to direct mail. It can, and normally does, make or break whether or not your potential or current customer will have their interest piqued, get more information about your shop, give you a call, or more importantly, order your pizza. Today, we’re giving you some tips and tricks of the trade – ways you can better time your direct mail to ensure you get the most ROI. Try these out, and you’re bound to see improvements.

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Marketing Buzzwords Series: Part 2

Personalization. While you’ve probably heard this word a few times before, you may not be super familiar with the way it’s known by the marketing world. This buzzword goes way deeper than its usual meaning when it comes to marketing. It’s a tool – and a very good one at that – that can help you meet your current and potential customers’ expectations, and provide them with more enjoyable, personally relevant experiences.

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How to Create a Persuasive Postcard

Whether you realize it or not, the success of your direct mail campaign is highly dependent on its design and messaging, and the effectiveness of your design and messaging boils down to whether or not it entices and influences your target customers. While there’s a plethora of different decisions to make when building a good pizza marketing piece, the number one thing to always keep top of mind is persuading your audience. Today, we’re discussing how to make your next postcard persuasive and effective with messaging and design that really pops off the page and gets new and returning customers through your doors.

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