Your Questions, Answered

As you may know, the ZaHub platform specifically targets new movers – not just anyone – with direct mail marketing. If you’re like most of the vendors and pizzerias we met at the pizza expo, or people within the industry we talk to day-to-day, you may be wondering…why? So today, we’re going to answer all of your questions about new mover marketing – and give you some insight into why it’s a great pizza shop tactic that really works to get new customers through your doors.

Why Does ZaHub’s Platform Target New Movers?

Easy answer. With over 13% of Americans moving ever year, a ton of new movers are consistently not only new to your area, but are looking for your offerings. They’re starting to develop what will become habitual shopping/buying habits, and aren’t looking for a reason to spend, but where to spend. Recent surveys show that 80% of new movers are willing to try new products. Also, how else are you going to replace those long-term, current customers that are moving out of your area?

In What Industries is New Mover Marketing Effective?

New residents moving into a house spend on average, $9,400 post-move, and that’s split into several different industries depending on the individual. They have several new (and already existing) needs, such as a new grocer, new healthcare provider, new dentist, new restaurants, a new gym…the list goes on and on. We’ve found that the majority of people will look for quick, easy, delicious food in the first few months of moving, because they’re way too busy sorting out their new life to cook or dine for longer than a short period of time. What’s a great, quick, easy food choice? Pizza.

Can I Further Segment New Movers With ZaHub?

Of course. When you’re setting up your target audience on the ZaHub platform, you can further segment who you’re targeting based on radius, age, and household income, and can even set a monthly cap.

Can ZaHub Help Me With More Than Direct Mail?

Absolutely! ZaHub can also set up targeted geofencing to help you reach new movers with digital ads. These two channels of communication, used together and correctly, are proven to show effective ROI.

How Will New Mover Mail Grow My Customer Base?

With around 61% of customers finding direct mail influential in making purchasing decisions, it’s important to make it one of the cornerstones of your marketing campaigns. Direct mail can be personalized for the consumer, authentic to your shop’s brand, and provide opportunity to be creative with how you market your food options to your customers. Like we said, new movers are just waiting for a go-to pizza shop to reach out and become their favorite.

How Can I Grow My Customer Base With Digital Ads?

Hand in hand with direct mail, digital ads are excellent in getting your shop’s name across your potential customer’s device. ZaHub can help you create display and banner advertisements to effectively send customers to your website or ordering platform.

How Does ZaHub Track New Mover Responses?

ZaHub provides you with a reporting dashboard of responses using QR codes and personalized URLS, and can also integrate with your POS system for further reporting. Plus – we’ll take these responses into consideration to make adjustments to your campaign – enhancing its effectiveness over time.

Looking to launch a new mover marketing campaign? ZaHub is a self-serve platform, but we’re here to assist if needed. Contact us today.