A Few Tips to Maximize Direct Mail Response

As long-time members of the print and direct mail industry through our foundation of Strata Company, we’ve had quite a bit of practice. We’ve seen many things change over the years – from a variety of trends to direct mail enhancements, and we’ve taken advantage of many of these to better our services for our customers. But, one thing that hasn’t really changed? The fact that timing is everything when it comes to direct mail. It can, and normally does, make or break whether or not your potential or current customer will have their interest piqued, get more information about your shop, give you a call, or more importantly, order your pizza. Today, we’re giving you some tips and tricks of the trade – ways you can better time your direct mail to ensure you get the most ROI. Try these out, and you’re bound to see improvements.

Pay Attention to the Buyer Journey

Make sure you’re reaching your customers and potential customers at the right time – not just at any time. “Buyer journey” may seem like a very marketing-speak term, but what we really mean is, take a look at your mailing list (the group of people you’re sending to) and think about what type of customers you’re targeting for this campaign. Are they new? Returning? Frequent shoppers? Customers that haven’t purchased in quite some time? Customers who almost purchased from you but for some reason decided to pick another shop or walk away? Make sure that when you send out content, it matches why you’re sending out content – and that that matches where your customers are on their “journey” with your shop.

The three buyer’s journey stages are awareness, consideration, and decision. Basically, they’re what they sound like. The awareness stage happens when the customer is not actively looking for pizza. This is when they’ll first see your shop, so you’ll want to be ready to introduce yourself and create some opportunity for familiarity. The consideration stage is when someone is interested in finding a go-to pizza shop, but may not be ready to order right in that moment. And lastly, the decision stage is when someone is actively looking for pizza, and ready to buy. Here’s what you’ll want your direct mail to look like for each of these stages:

Awareness – Simply provide general information to the potential customer. Be careful not to overwhelm them. Include a soft call to action, and let them know who you are so that when they are looking for your services, they’ll remember you’re an option (and hopefully, the option).

Consideration – Send them more specified information and paths to more details (using QR codes and PURLs). Also, add in some personalization to make them feel special and seen.

Decision – Customers are often in this stage when they’re urgently ready for pizza, abandoned their cart online, or need to be re-engaged after a hiatus. Make it easy for them to get information, contact you, and/or buy pizza– and make sure the CTA is clear (i.e., “Scan here to order!”). Use a special offer, personalized discount, and/or a rewards program sign-up to entice them to follow through with an order.

Make it Personal

Continuing on personalization – it’s not only important to personalize your mail, but to send it during personal times – like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more. Additionally, when you have a new menu item, think about sending direct mail that says, “we thought you’d like this new product”. A simple, personal touch like these can make customers feel seen and important to your business.

(Send) Home for the Holidays

During the holiday season, people are much more aware of mailers and packages, because they’re patiently (or not so patiently) waiting on gifts and letters from loved ones and friends. Because of this, they’re a lot more likely to pay attention to your direct mail. Additionally, there’s a chance they feel more spirited and giving during this season, making them more likely to provide feedback or give proceeds if asked. And, lastly, customers are more willing to spend on gifts during the holiday season, and a gift card, night out, or offer for your shop could be one of them.

Take Advantage of Busy Seasons

Speaking of seasonal mailing, do you have a season of the year that’s your busiest? Maybe your well-known Hawaiian pizza is a summer-barbeque staple. Or, your deep-dish pizza is a winter go-to. If so, send out your direct mail the season right before it. Be sure to make your customers aware that you may “sell out”, fill up, or run out. Urgency is key. You’ll also likely beat your competition in their communication to customers – and will likely be chosen first. Want to really stay top-of-mind? Continue to mail throughout your busy season as a reminder for customers to stop in “while it’s hot” – or cold.

More on Offers

Again, use urgency and promotions to your advantage. Even if and when it’s not, it’s best to imply that the customer’s purchase is time-sensitive. Motivate them to order soon, if not now. How? Provide a deadline or cut off for a discount code, coupon, or sign up.

Don’t waste time. Bring in new customers, the right way, at the right moment. If you’re interested in getting started on your next direct mail campaign, and ensuring that it’s as timely as possible, try out our service. We’ll be here to help along the way. Or, if you have immediate questions, give our experts a call.