3 Key Steps to Secure Marketing Success

We know success looks a little bit different for each pizza shop depending on size, market, and business strategy. While each shop’s unique, there are still key strategies to integrate into your marketing campaign to generate ROI. Today, we’re talking about what key marketing strategies will make and keep your shop successful, and how to integrate them into your campaigns.

Building Your Brand Visuals

In the restaurant world, brand visuals are everything. When taking branded photos and deciding on visuals for your shop, use consistent imagery and themes to become memorable to your customers. On average, there’ll be at least 5-7 interactions with a consumer before they remember your brand. These interactions can happen in several different ways, from online, to social media, to viewing a piece of print marketing like direct mail. Using professional photos and graphics that are personalized to your brand builds brand equity with your customers and puts you one step ahead of competitors. When selecting images for your shop, always make sure they’re high quality and consistent with your other brand visuals. Your visuals can be used on several platforms within your marketing campaign, with 49% of marketers primarily using visual content on blogs, websites, and social media outlets.

When picking imagery to represent the brand, make sure to show your shop’s authenticity and not just follow the same style as your competitors. Surveys show that 81% of customers need to be able trust a brand in order to buy from them. Trust can start with showing images of your shop within its element, authentic photos of your specialty pizza, and maybe even some staff photography. Showcasing your logo, name, and a glimpse of your product can impress customers and display your authenticity to your community.

Creating Local Visibility in Digital Marketing

On the digital side, make sure your shop’s one of the first places your customer is introduced to. With the pizza business being highly saturated and heavily focused on “local spots”, it pays to be the first point of contact over other competitors. In case you didn’t know, “Pizza near me” is one of the most highly searched terms on Google, which shows how frequently people are trying to find local pizza. A basic first step to having an online presence is making sure your NAP information (Name, Address, Phone number) and your website is accessible, readable, and fits your brand. From there, there are many additional ways for your shop to establish digital visibility.

Another way to establish digital presence is to develop a blog, and consistently publish valuable content for your market. It’s been proven that businesses that consistently post blogs get 97% more visits to their website. You can also focus SEO to increase digital presence which will allow your business to appear more frequently on the customer’s organic search. Conduct keyword research based off your shop’s brand and build content around those targeted keywords. Regardless of what approach you take, it’s always important to consistently obtain online reviews, as that online reviews influence their purchase decisions, and that they view them at almost the same level as personal recommendations. While there are several different avenues for shop owners to boost their online visibility, there’s not just one right answer. It’s a marathon, not a race, so implementing all these strategies can take time, but can be worth it in the long run.

Maintaining Multiple Marketing Channels

When optimizing your marketing campaign, be sure to utilize multiple marketing channels. With multichannel marketing, you’re making sure to use all possibilities of direct and indirect marketing. A whopping 86% of shoppers regularly channel-hop across a minimum of two mediums, so it’s important to make sure your strategy is marketing to more than one channel. With multiple channels, a potential customer can read a blog, view a social media post, and receive a direct mailer – all in one campaign. It’s crucial to create consistency amongst all forms of advertising, regardless of whether they’re print or digital, as consistent branding across all channels has proven to increase revenue by 23%!

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