And Why Your Pizza Shop Should Target New Movers

Simply put – the new mover market is one of the best markets to target if you’re looking for ROI from simple and effective marketing. But let’s reel it in, because there’s a chance you don’t know what new mover marketing is at all, or maybe you’re just not convinced it’s worth it. Give this blog a quick read and we promise you’ll be making the right marketing moves (sorry for the pun, we couldn’t help it).

Generally, a Lot of People are Moving

People are constantly moving in, and out, all over the US. How do we know this? 13.8% of Americans (over 40 million people) move every year. And, the industry itself is growing at a pace of 3% each year – despite fluctuations in the economy. No matter what’s going on and where people currently are, they’re still moving if they want to, need to, or sometimes even if they didn’t plan to. And, when they do move, they’re ready and willing to find new places to go. Statistically, 80% of new movers are eager to try new products since they’re in a new market searching for new businesses and services – so if you’re pizza’s different, you’re offering coupons, or you have a rewards program, you’re likely to easily get their attention.

High-Intent Market

What’s a “high intent market”, and why is the new mover market one of them? A “High Intent Market” is a fancy phrase for the notion that customers in a specific market have clear intent to interact with your company. Basically, they’re not only possibly interested in pizza, but they want to buy pizza, are looking for it – and now. With a high intent market, you’re targeting a specific need – not a blanket audience, so you’re more likely to get the most bang for your buck. You’re targeting based on key phrases, or things such as big life changes or decisions (aka…a move!).

High Spending & High Probability of Loyalty

New movers aren’t just looking for products, they’re looking to spend, and spend a lot! Statistically, they spend more in the first six months than the average customer spends in three whole years. Once they find a pizza shop they love and trust, they’re likely to stick with it. “They don’t need to be convinced or heavily marketed to because they already enjoy your products and prefer them even to competitors with similar offerings,” (SproutSocial).

Constant Renewal

Since 40 million people (or 15.3 million households) are moving every year, the average pizza shop needs to replace about 20% of its customer base every year. So, as 20% of the market moves out, 20% moves in. For this reason, the new mover market never runs dry, but, if you’re not marketing to the new movers, you’re possibly losing customers and not gaining new ones to replace them. Make sure to contact new movers first – before the competition – to ensure you are the first shop they see in their time of need, and that they become loyal customers for whatever amount of time they live in your neighborhood.

If we’ve convinced you at all, give us a quick call to discuss the possibilities of targeting new movers in your next marketing tactic. Even if you’re thinking “not many people are moving to my shop’s area right now,” double check by searching your new mover count on ZaHub’s platform – you may just be surprised!