(Throughout Our First Year of Business)

It’s the season of thanks. And at ZaHub’s one year mark, we’re feeling more thankful than ever before for you (our customers), our staff, and the success we’ve had so far. We’re extremely grateful for the very engaging and accepting clients we’ve worked with up to this point – as well as our helpful peers in the industry. We wanted to take some time to talk about this past year, give some thanks, and share some of ZaHub’s future plans with you.

Giving Thanks

To Our Customers

As we continue through our Beta stage, we’re grateful for a flexible, understanding, and open starting customer base. We know as we’ve grown and evolved, we’ve met some hurdles along the way, and have had to do a lot of testing to get the right answers and provide you with the best tools and offerings – but you’ve been nothing but supportive and helpful. You’ve been honest with us, given us great feedback, and are helping us to grow into the platform and business we want to be.

Going to the Pizza Expo this past year showed us how amazing the pizza industry is and how welcoming the people are in this space. We’ve made many connections so far, and have felt so accepted by the industry. We’re really excited to continue to work with everyone and be presented with more opportunities for growth and partnership.

To Making it Through Covid-19

We’re thankful that the Pizza Industry was able to provide the world with some comfort throughout the pandemic. Throughout all of the set-backs, hurdles, and restrictions, demand for Pizza was at an all-time high, and we’ve been able to help shops around the US spread awareness to new customers.

To the Team Behind it All

Our team stems from the team at Strata Company – where we were developed out of. Strata has years and years of printing and direct mail experience, which has started us off with the backbone we needed. The individuals involved in the ZaHub business come prepared and ready every day for anything we throw at them – and as a new brand and offering, it can be a lot. But our team is always excited for new challenges and looking to grow as individuals and as a company. They’re not afraid to try new things, take risks, and sometimes fail in order to improve our company and your customer experience.

Newfound Knowledge

This year, above all, we’ve learned that not every path or formula is one-size-fits-all. Like we said, new businesses and new platforms take a lot of trial and error – and that’s okay. When a business is just starting out, the first year is crucial to learn what works and what doesn’t. As we progress and learn, we fill in gaps that add and provide new solutions that actually work for you. And with that said, we’re always happy to hear from you – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Looking Forward

While we’re thankful for what the past year has given us – we’re even more excited for what’s to come. We have a lot of features planned to improve our services, ensure our platform is the best it can be, and will be accepting fresh ideas, implementing new tools, and continuing to build our brand and team.

Some of these new ZaHub services and features include:

• More control over your direct mail campaign creative

• Self-serve control over targeting and the budget of an existing campaign

• Improved account management features

• Better subscription management features

• More communication with you to give you updates on your campaign’s execution and performance

We’re so excited to take on what comes our way – and can’t wait for our next Pizza Expo in March of 2022 to stay connected with our friends in the industry! Year two, we’re ready for you! Interested in talking to ZaHub? Contact us today!