Design Trends on the Rise

As direct mail experts, we know that one of the most important things about a direct mailer is eye catching, thought provoking, purposeful, and exciting graphics. It all matters. Color choices, fonts and weights, photography, placement – the list goes on. With so many design possibilities and a ton of choices to make, you may sometimes feel lost. To make things a little easier for you, we’re listing (and explaining) the top 10 design trends that will arise (or continue to be most popular) in 2022.

Visual Inclusion

Illustration by Erica Fasoli

Recent movements across the nation, and even worldwide, have sparked a need for consideration of your audience. Think about how you can show diverse people in a variety of ways – in your photography, graphics, and iconography. And, think about including imagery of people that your target audience(s) can relate to. “The default for people icons and images are no longer white, male, and able-bodied. There is more representation from marginalized groups in marketing visuals.” The more open, inclusive, and inviting your marketing is, the more likely you’ll bring in a diverse range of interested (and trusting) customers.

The Return of Classic Serif Fonts


Although in recent years we’ve primarily seen sans-serif fonts (a more modern style with no embellishments) used in most marketing, we’re seeing a big comeback by the serif side. “Harking back to a safer, simpler time, Serif fonts lend an air of trust to marketing visuals and branding.” This resurgence of serif fonts is giving customers nostalgia and giving the companies who use it credibility – in many cases. They “exude elegance in each word they compose.” But – we’d still recommend not going overboard. Too many different serif fonts can make a marketing piece look hectic and unintentional instead of deliberate and credible. Take a look at the top 10 serif fonts predicted for 2022, here.

Simple Data Visualization

Data visualization is a great design tactic that makes it easier for customers to understand what you want them to know or do with simplified, non-complex visuals. Turn your stats and customer reviews into clear charts, large numbers, and easy-to-read content. Infographics (the most popular type of data visualization) continue to be favored and effective, along with eye-catching numbers and icons.

Bold Backgrounds