For Those in the Pizza Industry

Digital marketing has its place, but when it comes to the pizza industry, direct mail takes the top spot. There are a variety of ways direct mail can be utilized for your shop, especially when combined with digital. That being said, this blog will show you how and why direct mail marketing can increase any pizza shop’s success.

Direct Mail Stands Out Among the Digital Clutter

These days, mailboxes are a bit emptier than email inboxes, plus, checking the mail has always held a lot more anticipation and excitement than sorting through your email inbox. Studies show that every 4 out of 10 US citizens look forward to checking their mailbox. With all the junk that comes through your email, it’s easy to hit the delete button after reading just one word. Yet, we take a bit more time to look through our physical mail, before immediately throwing any of it out. On average, mail recipients spend 25 minutes checking their direct mail, while email view time is cut in half. Direct mail has proven to be successful within the food industry, opposed to other techniques.

Barrett wrote in the May 2015 issue of PMQ, “While you’re spending hours hunched over a computer trying to figure out the best way to get 100 customers to ‘like’ you, the guy down the street just mailed 10,000 direct-mail pieces emblazoned with an irresistible offer to your customers. Which strategy sounds more effective to you?” The answer seems obvious here. Although clutter is something that won’t ever go away, knowing the right methods to stand out will ultimately be the reason you rise above the competition. To learn more about how to develop creative and persuasive postcards, check out our blog, here.

Direct Mail Expands Your Shop’s Reach

When using direct mail, you can saturate an entire neighborhood in a specified ZIP code with coupons and special offers. Or, you can specifically target new movers in the area. While you can send email marketing to contacts you’ve acquired, direct mail marketing can be sent out to a variety of audiences, and is much more likely to be opened and acted on. Digital marketing, however, such as social media and advertising, can be easily closed out of, and even if viewed, is only seen for a short period of time.

Direct mail versus digital – in the pizza industry especially, tends to appeal to the age range, wants, and needs of the audience. Physical mail that includes rewards and coupons is much more tangible to this type of audience.

Direct mail allows for a more personal approach, where you can reach your audience at the right place and time with relevant information, that the viewer cares about.

Direct Mail Gets You Real Conversions

When it comes to facilitating customer conversion, most consumers expect to receive something that benefits them as much as you, in order for them to convert. A facilitator for conversion could be almost anything your shop offers – from a menu or magnet to a special discount code just for them. In this case, it’s your role to get an item to them that they’ll appreciate and use to learn more or purchase. Direct mail is the best type of communication to persuade a customer who can’t choose between multiple pizza shops. Something as simple as adding in a magnet or including a QR code can get people into your shop and create conversions. Plus, using this type of marketing to your advantage can help you understand who you want to target, and how, helping you to continuously alter and improve your campaign.

Customers Like Direct Mail, We Can Prove It

• “When viewing physical ads, participants had a stronger emotional response and remembered them better.”

• “Direct mail is easier to understand and more memorable than digital media. It requires 21% less cognitive effort to process and elicits a much higher brand recall.”

• “59% of US mail users enjoy getting postal mail about new products and offers.”

• “95% of millennials love receiving direct mail!”

• “94% of people say they have a positive reaction when receiving personal letters and cards.”

• “79% of consumers find reading mail more convenient than going online.”

Direct mail has been a foundation of pizza marketing, and more generally, food marketing, for many years. And, will continue to be for many to come. With the addition of new technologies like QR codes, PURLs, and other easy-to-use platforms and features, direct mail’s more effective now than it’s ever been.

Looking for more information about how to send out effective marketing pieces with a reliable direct mail partner? Contact us for more information about reaching new movers in your area.