(For Non-Marketers)

Pizza shop owners don’t have all the time in the world – especially for marketing, and we get that. We’re not going to try and convince you otherwise. But what we will do is give you a bit of information and advice to make you feel just a little more comfortable (and a little less scared) of the foreboding and maybe untrusting view of marketing. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes a day (or even a handful of minutes a week) to conduct effective, quick marketing that brings in new and existing customers. Let’s get going.

Marketing Can Be Trusted

We get it – you’ve probably worked with some marketers or marketing companies in the past that have given us a bad name. Maybe they’ve been unresponsive, haven’t given you the results you’ve wanted, haven’t provided what they proposed, or simply ghosted you (the scariest of all). But not all marketing companies and marketers are created equal. Sometimes it takes a company that’s focused on one vertical (for example – just social media marketing or only direct mail), or maybe one that is solely in the realm of restaurant or pizza shop marketing.

Try a smaller company, a local one, and/or one trusted by others in the industry – they’ll understand your hurdles and worries. Also, work with a company that provides a dashboard or some sort of reporting that gives you real, tangible results that you can understand and trust. Without that, you can’t guarantee that the marketing is really working.

Marketing Can Be Worth the Time

We’re not telling you to take a ton of time out of your day for marketing, but we will say that a little time could yield a lot of ROI. First, figure out what marketing will be worth it for your specific audience – whether that be direct mail, social media, video, or billboard advertising. What will your audience be most likely to respond to? What will catch their eye? How are they currently finding you? Then, find a platform or program that’s understanding of the limited time you have and creates quick and convenient opportunities for marketing. Make sure that team or marketer provides or helps with the difficult parts of marketing, like the data, the analysis, the design, the execution – and more.

Marketing Can Be Easy

We’re not saying it’s a walk in the park or something that just anyone can normally do – but there are platforms and programs out there that are specifically made for non-experts and non-designers. Good marketing does have a lot of parts – research, planning, branding, design, execution, reporting…the list goes on, but there are companies and marketers that can work hand in hand with you and for you to make sure everything’s done correctly, and that all you need to do is ask, be supported, and watch customers roll in.

If you’ve skimmed through the ZaHub site, you’ll know that we’re effective, affordable, and self-serve. We know pizza and we know marketing – and we’re ready to work with you to bring you new customers without the fear of marketing gone wrong. Give ZaHub a try or give us a call.